Comparing Lumpini Park In Bangkok To Kowloon Park In Hong Kong

If you are travelling to Bangkok with the idea of communicating with nature, your best option is hotel near Lumpini Park to avoid traffic. Lumpini Park is a great destination for business travellers who want to relax after a day’s round of meetings and listen to bird’s singing. It is a haven of tranquillity, fresh air and shade.

Greater Bangkok covers 7,800 kilometres with an official population of 8.3 million. Some estimate the population to be between 11 and 12 million. Rents are cheap and population density has never been an issue. However, how many parks can be found in Bangkok? Less than 50 is the answer.

Lumpini Park covers 57 hectares to provide city dwellers with the perfect place to connect with nature. The park contains the statue of King Rama VI, an artificial lake where boats can be rented, a centre for the elderly, a refuge for homeless children, a library and youth centre with sports equipment and activities for members.

If you will compare Bangkok to Hong Kong that has an area of 2,800 square kilometres and a population of 7.3 million, how come Hong Kong managed to build more than 70 parks for its people? Kowloon Park covers only 13 hectares but has a garden full of flowers, an aviary and a mini zoo, waterfalls, museums, exhibitions and indoor sporting facilities. It also boasts of 4 indoor heated pools and leisure pools outdoors.

The advantage of Lumpini Park is its great size that provides the city dwellers with a place to run. The pool complex can serve 2,000 swimmers a day. It has a playground area and a two-tier lotus pond linked to a rock cascade where you can find terrapins and flamingos. The scenery is more beautiful than Hong Kong but it looks like Kowloon Park is more developed than Lumpini Park.

Meanwhile, it is very likely that you chose the hotel near Lumpini Park not only because of the beauty of the park. While the greenery and flora can relieve your stress, the beautifully designed and decorated rooms will ensure that your Bangkok stay will be more productive and memorable.