Chiang Mai’s Power In Flower

Chiang Mai is also known for another nickname, Rose of the North. Aside from the culture, nature and art in the area, locals as well as foreign visitors staying at Chiang Mai resort are captivated by the temperate flowers found in the city. This is the reason why the local government of Chiang Mai decided to hold the Chiang Mai Blooms 2018 event which is comprised of a number of floral festivals as well as activities that will help improve the local tourism in relation to flowers being used as decorations and how these beauties are planted.

The province is celebrating The Annual Calendar of Flowers every month of February. The latest brand created for the city is Chiang Mai Blooms and it is a partnership project with goals of transforming the province into a meeting hub all over Asia. The campaign is done with the partnership of the local government of Chiang Mai, Thai Hotel Association from the Northern Chapter and TCEB or Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau.

Putipong Sirimatya, the deputy governor of Chiang Mai, said that one of the most popular festivals in Thailand is the Chiang Mai Flower Festival and it is already regarded as the ideal image which will convey the message that cool season dominates the province.

He added that Lanna’s symbol is interlaced with the parade of colorful flowers, the charming local ladies and umbrellas with painting made by hand. Currently, there is an evident rise in the number of visitors coming to see the flower routes. The latest survey revealed that over 10,000 tourists are coming to see the flower routes annually. Because of these figures, the organizers have come to a conclusion that they will be able to utilize the yearly flower event as a flagship event for the province which is boost its tourism even more.

The partners of the campaign are working hand-in-hand with the stakeholders and the local communities in order to make the project possible. Meanwhile, many accommodations such as Chiang Mai resort are already preparing for the influx of tourists in the country every year because of this flower festival.