Chania: A Paradise For Nature Lovers

Nature lovers who are dreaming to experience the beauty of Greece and all its plants and wildlife in the region should invest in a car rental from companies such as Flisvos in order to fully enjoy the experience. The whole country has more than 132 regions that play an equally important role in vegetation while there are about 20 spots with botanical gardens dedicated for the rare plants of the region. It would be a challenge to choose only one but if you have to choose then go for Chania which is located in the island of Crete. It stands out among other regions because it is popular for its rare species of plants and wildlife.

Nature lovers bound for Greece are commonly targeting Crete because the island invites visitors to its hidden beauty. Tourists have a wide variety of outdoor activities to choose from like trekking,, diving and exploring the island. It has a number of rivers, caves, ravines and forests as well as plants and wildlife.

Nature lovers visiting Greece often does not include Chania in their itinerary when it fact it has a lot of hidden wonders. Chania used to be the capital city of Crete in 1847 but in 1973 the capital was changed to Heraklion. It is now considered as the second largest of all the cities in Crete. The region has a lot of plants and wildlife thus it has been divided into eight sections in order to properly protect the wildlife sanctuaries. Chania offers nature lovers a chance to experience the wetlands, coastal, ravines, mountainous and sub-mountainous, alpine and sub-alpine and gorges.

The region has overflowing numbers of sea turtles and it is known to be home to plants that grew in the land starting from the era of the ancient Minoans. The most popular of these plants are violet of the sea and lily of the sea – both found in the coastal regions.

If you are planning to experience Crete from north to south, it is best to rent car from rental companies such as Flisvos in order to make the experience more convenient and hassle-free. You will be able to reach many habitats and experience more outdoor activities.