Chanel Launches New Yacht Club In New York

With its promising offers of relaxation and exploration, the market of liveaboard in Indonesia and in a lot more places continue to grow and to do well in the global market. In fact, a new yacht club has been opened, just recently, in the city of New York.

The new yacht center is located in the Shelter Island of the said state. In line with the celebration of Chanels’ J12 watch, the said space was created.

Outdoor and Indoor Fun

According to an article published from the French fashion house, J12 Yacht Club is a representation of a modern yacht club which Chanel could definitely boast. Their customers could experience how it feel to live in an island wherein they are equipped with umbrellas, surf boards, and coolers among others. They could even engage in sports as well such as badminton and table tennis.

Furthermore, if you want to find some shade after tanning in the midday sun, you may opt to do some indoor activities– especially in the game room. In order to entertain guests, the game room has a gamut of classic board games which guests could play with their family and friends.

The said space is located in the famous Sunset Beach hotel of Andre Balazs’. The real estate mogul also owns other luxurious properties including The Standard hotel chain, the Chateau Marmont, and the Chiltern Firehouse in the heart of United Kingdom.

J12 Jewelries and Other Collections

If you also want to grab some of the new J12 collection, they also manage a Sunset Boutique which you should definitely pay a visit. The said Yacht Club is open from the 17th of July until the 21st of the said month. More so, Chanel will also organize a private dinner at the club in line with their twentieth anniversary.

Billie Ellish In the House Y’all

In line with the anniversary, dressed in summer clothes and lots of Channel jewelries, the 17-year-old singer sensation Billie Eilish even brought more heat to the island after she performed an acoustic set during Chanel’s celebration. In the end, Chanel undoubtedly entertained its guests and customers with its series of events as much as how one would enjoy riding a liveaboard in Indonesia.