Cairns Cleaning Team Finds Diamond Stash In Rental Property

Moving from a property can be troublesome; there’s a lot of things to do, paperwork to finish, things to pack, stuff to clean. Most people would simply prefer to call carpet cleaning in Perth or wherever they are and just get things over with.

That was the case with one rental property in Cairns, that is, until they found something most people, not just carpet cleaning in Perth, would be shocked to see: a hidden stash of diamonds. According to police, the stones may have been stashed there for over a decade

According to Cairns Senior Constable Russel Parker, the diamonds are believed to be from sometime in 2000 or the years close to that time, with someone leaving that stash in the rental unit, hidden for years until the property underwent a thorough sweep for bond cleaning purposes.

Senior Constable Parker says that the local police is working to return the diamonds to the rightful owner, but that they had decided to stay tight-lipped about the matter, withholding the details of the diamond stash; all that’s known is that there were less than six diamonds in the stash. Their size, carat (and, by extension, value), all remained under wraps.

Parker says that the police will not disclose details on the stones, but he’s confident that anyone who kept diamonds in a home space would remember. The police have already worked with local jewellers in order to find the owners via paperwork, and they haven’t found anything.

The authorities are unsure if the stones were legally owned, or if something illegal at play. The police says that it might be from a crime, but the documentation of the stones don’t mark them as stolen; the paperwork holds up.

The Senior Constable says that, regardless of the story behind the stones themselves, but that the tenant that found the stones deserved praise for their honesty, perhaps an actual reward. The tenant approached the police themselves, coming into the precinct with the stones and flat-out admitting that they did not own the diamonds.

Queensland Police policy states that lost property is held by the authorities for two months, before ownership is officially handed over to the person who happened to find it.