Bathroom Renovation – Know When To Save And When To Splurge

When you renovate the bathroom, do not cut down on costs because it is the private place where you can pamper yourself. At least 36% of remodelers that were surveyed wished that they have splurged on bath tubs, showers, double basin vanity units, flooring and tile work. However, it is important to be smart; know when to save and when to splurge so that you can indulge yourself in bathroom fixtures and finishes for the long haul.

The biggest costs in bathroom renovation are not furniture and finishing but the relocation of fixtures. When toilers, sinks and showers have to be relocated, the bathroom fitter has to tear down walls to access pipes, move toilets, sinks and showers. According to Robert Degni, a New York City-based contractor, moving the toilet by 1 foot can cost $1,000. If the plan is only a slight shift to make way for a double vanity unit, Degni suggests using an offset flange that will allow you to move the toilet by a few precious inches in any direction without the need for extensive plumbing work.

Many homeowners assume that heated flooring is expensive but it is actually affordable. If you will install electric radiant heat maps instead of hydronic (water-filled) lines, you save up to $8,000. However, underfloor mats are not compatible with sold hardwood. Adding radiant electric heat will cost you about $11 per square foot of open flooring but you require an electrician to connect that mats and the thermostat to the circuit.

When you add double vanities to the bathroom, it is not only for aesthetic reasons. Double vanities are perfect for the master bathroom and the Jack-and-Jill baths for kids. Having double vanities is more efficient but the cost of installing one is slightly higher than the single option.

Double Basin Vanity Units are ideal for big bathrooms. It is hard enough to fight over a sink in the morning but when you have the double basin; it solves the issue between you and your other half. While the double vanity is undoubtedly the pinnacle of luxury, but it is very practical because  it adds a lot of storage space for the toiletries.