Bangkok Street Food As A Powerful Tourist Magnet

It is highly common for travellers to book with a hotel with airport transfer in Bangkok to ensure that the trip is as smooth and convenient as possible. However, airport transfers must be booked in advance just like the hotel room and flight particularly during peak travel season. The service guarantees your safety and prevents you from getting lost in a strange city.

Many tourists from all over the world are lured by the popular street food in Bangkok. The capital of Thailand is one of the leading cities that have been endowed with a powerful magnet that attracts visitors.

Meanwhile, Singapore is trying to register its hawker centres as an intangible cultural heritage with UNESCO. This move has started a controversy in the region particularly since Malaysia; a neighbouring country has a cuisine that is quite similar to what Singapore offers. Compared to Singapore, the street food scene in Bangkok and other cities in Thailand are more diverse with unique characteristics that can only be found in the island.

The unique characteristic of Thai food makes Bangkok as the world’s top street food destination of international tourists. Recently, Jae Fai, a street vendor in Bangkok, earned a Michelin star for her omelette that is stuffed with crab meat. Thai International Airways will be providing the popular street food queen with the opportunity to prepare meals for its airline customers.

Both street food and in-street side eateries that offer unique Thai food are responsible for attracting foreign visitors. Shopping used to be the highlight for tourists but now they are also experiencing the street food scene.

Based on the latest statistics from World Tourism Organization, Thailand’s tourist arrivals have topped 35 million making it the 10th most popular destination in 2017. In terms of tourism revenue, Thailand is 4th in the world after the United States, France and Spain.

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