Australian Bureau Of Statistics Data Shows That WA Is The State With The Most Burglaries And Assaults

Data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics via its 2016-17 Crime Victimisation Study, reveals some bad news for Western Australians, who have been noted as the most vigilant Aussies when it comes to home security. The data makes one thing very clear; Perth residents and West Australians have very good reason to be stringent with their home alarm in Perth and home security systems across the state.

According to the data, West Australia was worse compared to the national average in the crime categories of assaults, threatened assaults, home burglaries, break-in attempts, vehicular theft and property damage. Notably, however, the state recorded lower sexual assault cases, compared to the rest of Australia.

The research data acquired its data via surveying Aussies across the country, aged 15 and above, and asked them about crime incidents that occurred between 2015-2016.

West Australia Police Commissioner Chris Dawson says that the police force puts less stock on comparisons made between jurisdictions, due to the widely differing demographics, as well as the highly varying socioeconomic situations and issues. According to him, the police force value the data from State assessments more than these.

Notably, he pointed to the state data that said that victimisation and reporting rates for household and personal crimes in WA had remained stable in the time between 2015 to 2017. These figures also pointed out that there is no notable difference in victimisation rates for certain personal crimes between the time of 2008-09, and 2016-2017, whilst household crimes had their victimisation rates within the same timeframe either remained generally the same, or declined a bit.

Commissioner Dawson says that he had committed the WA Police Force into handling victims of crime, with particular focus on victims that were at the highest risk of repeated victimisation, as well as handling WA’s juvenile offenses, which have been notably high.

According to data from the ABS, of the 58,000 they surveyed who responded that they were, in fact, physically assaulted, approximately a quarter of them reported repeat attacks.

The data also shows that approximately 5.4% of WA homes reported repeated vehicular thefts and 4.3% reported a burglary, compared to the national average of 2.8% and 2.5%, for the respective crimes.

Though, respondents did admit that they haven’t reported all the crimes that happened to them to authorities.