Auditing Firm Notes That US Marines Are Being Welcomed In The AU’s Northern Territory

KPMG, a major auditing firm, known to many a Registered Company Auditor in Norwest and across Australia, recently conducted a survey to look at the effects of the US Forces in Australia’s social and economic environment.

The survey noted that US Marines were being openly welcomed by Aussies living in the Northern Territory, with Darwin in particular, seeing a steady growth in the number of Marines staying there.

The Aussie government released the report just before May, right before the Marines’ rotational force neared the target number of 2,500 troops, which showed that Darwin’s leaders and residents, in general, look at the presence of the US armed forces rather favourably.

The survey, conducted by major auditing firm, KPMG, was dubbed “US Force Posture Initiatives (USFPI) Social and Economic Impact Study”. It involved a survey sample size of 408 locals, conducted via telephone calls, and meetings with 27 key representatives from the business sector, the community, and the government.

The survey showed that 51% of people responding that they have positive feelings about the US troops in the area, while 6% responded negatively.

According to the KPMG report, a majority of people and key stakeholders in Darwin believe that any safety concerns that popped up following the announcement of the Marine rotations haven’t really amounted to much, with the survey noting how 47% of the respondents stating they feel safer with the US forces around, compared to the 6% feeling less safe.

Noise complaints are a common issue in most military installations, though the Northern Territory seems to be less affected by it, with 64% of the respondents from the phone survey saying that any issues with noise are localised.

A Registered Company Auditor in Norwest won’t have to deal with the US troops as much compared to the Northern Territory, as the AU’s northernmost large city is located near Southeast Asia, a region of increasing strategic importance to military planners.

The KPMG report also notes that the Northern Territory supports 5,965 Aussie and US military personnel, with most of the US troops working on the ADF’s facilities at RAAF Darwin and Robertson Barracks.

77% of the Darwin residents surveyed stated that they feel like the US forces have benefitted the local economy, with the KPMG report noting that the military presence injects about $700 million annually into the Northern Territory’s economy.