Alarming Video Footage Shows that ISIS Are Now Recruiting Afghans

Video footages of recruitment for ISIS in Afghanistan have been circulating in the internet. The scene is strikingly formal yet very troubling. There is a very serious lecture happening in a room. A lecturer stands in front of an audience that seems to be curious teeming with ideological thoughts. Others attending the lecture are impoverished Afghans desperately seeking a job that will feed their family.

The lecturer is an ISIS fighter fresh from his exploits in Syria. He convinces the group of Afghans to join ISIS and fight for a cause that would ironically eradicate the governing evil in this world. He stands in front of the recruits determined to win the audience over to ISIS.

In the video footage, the faces are hidden however the motivations of the audience for attending such lecture is very evident. According to analysts, this seems to be the first part of ISIS’s moves into the Afghan soil. This is a bid to further expand their territory and upgrade their ranking in the ISIS community. The ISIS militants are eyeing on former Taliban fighters to join their cause and even students and teenagers.

This is a very troubling move and could spark chaos in Afghanistan. ISIS knows that Afghanistan is rich with battle thirsty militants. As NATO leaves the country, a possible jeopardy of the peace talks between Afghan government and the Taliban is likely to happen. The radical militants in the group might seek to join the ISIS.
The recruiters spread out in Afghanistan promoting the ideology of the Jihad. They convince Afghans to join them by stating that Jihad is a must not only in Afghanistan but in other places including Syria, Iraq and Palestine where their Muslim brothers are constantly attacked by Jews and Christians.

Convinced by the recruiter, one audience would say that his goal in life is to fight the infidels (referring to Christians and Jews) whether they are in Syria or any part of the world. Another one would say that he prefers to stay at home and pursue education in a University but would confess that he is enticed by the money offered by the recruiter.