Advantages Of Using Liquid Tight Flexible Conduit

Electric conduits aid in protecting the electrical wiring of a building. Conduits are available in a wide range of materials such as plastic, metal,fibre etc. conduits are also available in flexible and rigid variants. The type of conduits to be used in a building depends on the national and state codes of the country.

The type of conduit to be used also depends on the wiring situation of a building. Flexible conduits are suitable for buildings which are not suitable for the installation of rigid conduit. The flexible conduit bends according to the requirement and can be easily installed. The ท่อ flex is suitable for places which are damp and the wiring requires protection from wetness.

Flexible metal conduits are manufactured using metals such as steel or aluminium. The metals are coiled into a self-interlocked strip, forming a hollow tube. The wiring is pulled through these metal tubes. The tube is flexible and can be bent depending on the situation. The ท่อ flex protects the wiring from dampness and offers flexibility in the installation process. Since the conduit is flexible, it can be easily handled at the time of repairs.

Flexible metal conduits are used for installations in dry areas whereas the ท่อ flex are coated with a water resistant polymer and can be used in wet applications. However, remember to follow your local code to decide on the use of different conduits for wiring purposes.

Conduits protect the wiring of a building from damage through fire. They impend the spread of fire to the wiring and also fireproof the wiring. The flexible metal conduits and liquid tight flexible metal conduits provide good fire safety when compared to the PVC conduits.

There are many advantages of using the ท่อ flex, which are manufactured using galvanized steel. The conduit does not rust and is highly durable. Since the conduit is coated with thick PVC it offers superior protection from water, chemicals and oil. The conduit is highly flexible and is very easy to install. The smooth inner coating enhances the ease of use. The conduits are available in different sizes and can be bought according to the wiring requirement.