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Thomas A Stroup Thomas Stroup – Editor

Welcome to Thomas Stroup World News where you can read all the latest events that are happening all over the world. Our goal is to provide you with news that has sufficient relevance to warrant you attention. So many events are happening simultaneously but there are stories considered as newsworthy. We share with you trending stories on politics, business, weather, sports, entertainment, culture, technology and other interesting topics.

Thomas Stroup World News aims to deliver accurate and reliable news that is not over sensationalized or exaggerated. Our first priority is the truth and we take great care in ensuring that all our stories are verifiable and derived from trustworthy sources. Our team devotes all their skills at presenting the complete version of the truth so that all questions in the minds of our readers are answered. Before our stories are published for public perusal we check everything to make sure that we have not overlooked important facts. Our quotes are accurate and carefully attributed to our sources. We ensure that any conclusions made are supported by facts and photographs that are associated to the story.

Thomas Stroup World News wants people to be properly informed on what is happening around us. News satisfies the curiosity of people on what is actually happening. Being aware of events as they happen makes people aware and become more involved citizens. For example, during the elections, people have different opinions but the truth should always prevail. When tragic news is reported, people become more compassionate and grateful that they are experiencing a better and more comfortable life.

In the spirit of free discussion, we invite our audience to participate in our forum. You can post your opinions and comments on threads you find interesting. Simply provide us with your email address so that you can join in the discussions. Be involved and share your insights on the events that are happening all around us. However, we caution our readers to refrain from using foul language even when they are emotionally affected but the stories. For further suggestions or questions, you can contact us at www.moncton4plex.com.