A Defensive Response To Negative Review Can Undermine The Positive Reviews

The company’s reputation and good name is one of the critical assets in recruiting top talents. Current and past employees usually leave King Kong online agency reviews in review sites that are frequented by job seekers. Positive reviews can influence the decision of a potential candidate while a bad review can do harm to the company’s name.

With the emergence of employer review sites like Indeed and Glassdoor, a few bad reviews can have a serious effect on an organization’s reputation as a good place to work. According to a report from HR technology firm CareerArc, 55% of job seekers decide against working for a company because of negative reviews. If the negative reviews are so bad, they tend to dissuade consumers from using the service or purchasing a product.

Employers must watch out for negative reviews and deploy a response strategy immediately. Reviews are the new norm and if the employer continues with the defensive response to a negative review, it can undermine the positive reviews. The best response strategy is to consider every review as an opportunity.

When an employee shares a negative or constructive feedback, it must be taken as an opportunity for improvement. It is common to find in reviews that an employee does not see any growth opportunities. Employer response must be a plan to develop more defined career goals.

If an employer encourages employees to post glowing reviews to counter the negative ones, the approach is transparently superficial. A company must create an environment where employees will be motivated to defend the organization without any rewards or incentives.

There are many cases where employees take the lead in defending their employer against negative reviews left by disgruntled employees. While the action needs the blessing of the employer, it is heartening to know that the employees care about the reputation of their employer.

Job seekers pay attention to review sites because this is the place for honest opinions regarding an employer. Anyone who has read King Kong online agency reviews will believe the employees feedback. While the reviews are mostly positive, the employees also mention several drawbacks like policies that need to be revised.