400km Class 8 Electric Truck Launched By Lion Electric Co.

Canada’s Lion Electric Co. has a new product for trucking in Cambridge and across the country, a new fully electric class 8 truck, which is reportedly capable of handling a 400km trip on every charge.

This new class 8 truck is designed from the scratch as an electric vehicle, capable of handling up to 400km based on configuration, as per the needs of the customer. By giving the customer the freedom to choose the range means their up-front capital outlay can be minimized.

Lion Electric Co. Founder and CEO Marc Bédard stated that they’re proud that the company is now ready for the commercial launch of their very first electric Class 8 urban truck. He points to the passion and expertise of their people as the reason of this new development. That, and the industry’s support of electrifying transportation, is what allowed for this project to happen.

The Lion8 is expected to cut down energy costs and operational costs by about 80% and 60%, compared to diesel trucks. These reductions would lead to a lower operations expense budget for the company handling the fleet, as well as sweetening the pot for trucking in Cambridge and across the world.

Minister of Economy and Innovation and Minister Responsible for the Lanaudière Region Pierre Fitzgibbon, states that the government is proud to contributed $8.6 million for the initiative, as part of their efforts to promote the electrification of transportation. The Lion Electric Co., TM4, AddÉnergie Technologies, and Solution Centum Adetel Transportation worked together to create a zero-emission heavy-duty truck, one that’ll represent Quebec and its leadership when it comes to development and innovation.

Many cities and countries across the world are aiming to find the right way to ban combustion vehicles, and investing zero emission vehicles allow people, in this case, fleet managers, to make test runs before to see how electric vehicles work for their routes. Electric vehicles also benefit city people indirectly, as they’re quieter than diesel vehicles.

The Lion8 will become available by fall, with the Société des Alcools du Québec (SAQ) already lining up orders. There’s also a promo video doesn’t reveal more about the truck.